Sandra Benny

Marketing Student (2nd Yr)

"All Marketers tell stories...and when they do in a compelling manner, we believe them." - Seth Godin

About Me

  • progressive and forward thinking outlook

  • pursuing a growth mindset

  • active contributor to social movements to change the narrative

  • strong creative nature with analytical and strategic approach

  • passion for challenge with a value on diligence and ambition

  • driven by collaborative atmosphere as a team player and leader

  • pursuit of an all-rounded individual in five years

  • knowledgeable focus on the digital world


  • BSC Marketing l Sept 2019 - Present

  • Google Garage: The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing certificate l Nov 2020

Career Timeline

  • Digital marketing freelancer - Independant referrals & job boards l May 2015 - Present

  • Student Ambassador - University of Plymouth l Dec 2019 - Present

  • Content Writer - l May 2020 - Present

Work Experience

  • Micro internship at Simply Counselling - Marketing plan & SM strategy

  • International Marketing Micro Internship - optimizing UX experience using google analytics and media assets

  • Business & Marketing challenge - pitched a business solution at workshop

  • Marketing Consultation with Langage Farm - product launch analysis of popup shop

  • Inspiring Futures Project Business consultation with Complete Communications Ltd - tailored campaign strategy

  • Work Shadowing at Eddystone Media - worked on website using digital tool kit


Creative Passion Project

Contribution to social change

  • Community Charity Sales volunteer at Oxfam & Cancer Research

  • Content Lead for Nazli Project organization, educating south asian community on domestic violence

  • Writer for community-led Reclamation Magazine


  • Awarded Santander Ideation Grant towards my website's pre-launch micro-campaign.

  • Successfully built an email DRIP campaign model plan for Adele Dejak brand email list of 619 subscribers to retarget leads conversion to sales

  • 20 self-written articles featured on 7 different platforms e.g company websites, digital publications, magazines, blogs etc.

  • worked with over 10 clients on freelancing gigs for short term and long term campaign projects.

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